About Us

Corbett Denture Service was founded in 1979 in Portland, Oregon. As the years have gone by and our business has grown, we established our roots in Canby, Oregon. Our corner office is near the park and we thoroughly enjoy getting to know the community that we work in. We work with several dentists and operate two locations in Lake Oswego and North Portland for your convenience. Our office is a warm and welcoming place where we are not only attentive to your dental needs, we also get to know you as a patient.

Corbett Denture Service not only wants you to have a beautiful smile, we also want to make sure that your experience with us is top notch. As a convenience for you we will happily bill your dental insurance to make sure your visit with us is a success. Our business has grown because of our wonderful customer referrals and we’d like to add you to our list!

Steve Corbett and his daughter Lindsay are a dynamic duo of licensed denturists!


Steven Corbett

Steven Corbett

Steve Corbett, proud owner of Corbett Denture Service, has been in the business for over 25 years! That is a lot of smile perfection and he has loved every minute. Steve wants you to be confident in your smile, enjoy your meals, but most of all, make sure that you don’t even notice that you are wearing dentures so you can live life to the fullest! Teeth that fit properly, are the right proportion, and increase your smiling is our goal.When Steve is not creating beautiful smiles, he is at home with his wife, enjoying the outdoors, or traveling to California to visit his grandchildren.

Lindsay Corbett-Reiser

Lindsay Corbett-Reiser, Corbett Denture Service

Lindsay is a graduate of Bates Technical College Denturist Program and has worked in this office for the past 8 years. She has watched her dad work with people and dentures all of her life and enjoys working with patients and her dad. Lindsay brings a sense of humor to the office part of Corbett Denture Service. She also keeps the office running smoothly by overseeing the billing and customer service side of the house. Working with insurance companies can be difficult, but Lindsay knows just who to call to get you the answers that you need.